Tribuzzo Construction Defective Roof Replacement. ignores all corespondence

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Tribuzzo Construction is the worst contrator possible for responsility and accountability.

Joe Tribuzzo (Tribuzzo Construction)

Defective roof replacement. Several leaks. Refusal to rectify situation. Ignores correspondence, phone calls, emails, texts. Breaks appointments with no corresondence of not showing up.

But cashes checks immediately.

Uses under age help for dangerous work.

does not tell you everything up front. Dishonest and totally unreliable.

Somewhat of a *** artist.

Over one month from completion of job paid in full and still trying to get the defective workmanship taken care of.

Ignores BBB and Ohio AG office.

Paid for material for repair work and two weeks gone by with no work done.

Lied about coming over and doing work twice.

Review about: Roof Replacemnet.



Joe Tribuzzo is a worthless piece of work!Lets just put it this way, he'll get his karma some day 1000X10!

He is not only worthless, but he's the worst piece of *** that ever walked the Earth! I would love to tell all what he's about, but sooner or later he'll face what he did not only to me, but to all.

I'll just let karma deal with you, because it's gonna happen.He's a Panzy!!!


Joes a drug addict was raised w out a father worships drugs and alcholol not to be trusted has run tribuzzo construction into ground and is doing same w the chimney guys of westlake ohio runs business outof rental hoiiuse on swartz road in residential neighborhood

Cleveland, Ohio, United States #636150

Just One day that that worthless, *** piece of *** *** is gonna be crying like a little ***!! :( Mr. *** is a *** *** anyways!

to Wouldn't S***bag Like to know! #906722

Hi, just wondering what kind of theft, my home was broken into few months after he did some work for me and in my heart I belive there is a connection.

to robbed Lakewood, Ohio, United States #1032876

It could be from one of his workers who was a heroin addict and stole from stores and people regularly. Joe has spent time behind bars for theft as well......most notable was arrested for theft on june 15,2012


I heard he had a heroin addict living at his house doing drugs around his kids and his fat wife didn't do anything about it. Beware this man is a theif and untrustworthy.


I worked with this guy a few times, he now owes me over $1000, and won't answer his phone. He moved from Bay Village to Westlake, and now operates under the name JMT Construction and Tribuzzo Construction.


Here's the link to Joe Tribuzzo's recent mugshot for aggravated theft,Enjoy!


I would have to disagree, Joe built me a new chimney for very cheap and ad it done in a few days. The job site was left spotless and i was very pleased to have to more water leak into my home.


real *** work and all he does is blow money on drugs for him and his son


Early 2009 westside cleveland suburbs, OHIO. He "replaced" my kitchen countertops and not even a year later the front wood molding is rotten off and all the seams are cracked!! I can write a 1,000 page novel on this guy, you have no idea what he is capable of!


Joe Tribuzzo working under the name "The Chimney Guys" took my 80 year old mother for $400.00. After reading all of these posts, I am so happy he only walked away with $400.00. After reading all of these post, I can't help to think of how much worse it could have been because he and his girlfriend were alone in my mothers home and could have stolen just about anything, When will the law finally put this thief out of business?


This is unbelievable, I also have been ripped off by this guy.He rebuilt a brick/sandstone porch for an elderly lady on my street.

I contacted Joe by getting his number off of a sign in the front yard where the porch was rebuilt. (and I use the word rebuilt loosely). I needed tuck pointing and two bricks replaced on my house. He took "deposit" first asking for cash but i wrote a check and immediately went right to the bank to cash it.

This was on 11/19/11. He told me that he would be back in a week or two to start the job. He has yet to show up to even start it. I have called and texted him numerous times.

Also, left several messages and he hasnt returned any of my calls. This guy is a real scam artist. He is NOT a contractor. Oh also, he showed up with his mother Suzie Tribuzzo when he quoted the job and asked for a deposit.

I am so frustrated and upset.

My wife and I have two young childern and can not afford to be ripped off!



Did sloppy work,didn't finish, lied and made excuses 100x. He's a liar and a thieve and should be put in jail. STAY AWAY from this ***.


He is getting married at massimo da milano 11-26-2011 at 5.00p.m. unbeliveable


heard from a trustworthy source he is a cocaine addict...could this possibly explain the irritable tantrums/shakes?


Tribuzzo did our roof with his little *** artist sidekick. Needed money right away but did not pull permits, ruined our lawn with his truck in the process, never cleaned up job, lied about job and times he was coming over/back, had his little *** artist sidekick call us threatening physical harm if we did not pay him the extra unwarranted charge he tacked on...the list goes on.


Joe ripped us off for over $8000.He lied about costs, hours he put in, and also did everything against code!

We had to have our bathroom completely remodeled AGAIN due to his shatty work.He is a *** artist and AWFUL at his work.


I had a chimney rebuilt by this guy as well and within a years time it is falling apart and has caused further damage. Beware he is also a knows drug abuser


I am banding together people who have been ripped off by Joe Tribuzzo

email me at and lets take care of this problem. I have a prosecutor on my side!!!


I placed a large deposit for my chimney to be fixed.

Shoddy workmanship and he disappeared.My roof leaks like crazy at the chimney base unrepaired.

I am on a fixed income and cant afford to be scammed.



Joe Tribuzzo also works under the name "The Chimney Guys" not use this company! You will be ripped off!


Oh yes, I forgot, he does cash his check as soon as he has it in his hot little hands! Can't wait to see him in Court!


I agree with the firts comment.We used this contractor and repair work was not done properly.

Says he is going to return to fix the fireplace and never does...always an excuse.

Doesn't care who is rips off..the elderly included!!Do not use this contractor!!!!!

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